Our Psychologists

Dr Carmel Ferretti

Principal Clinical Psychologist


Carmel has a PHD in Psychology from the University of Melbourne and Master degree in Psychology from Deakin University.


She also holds a postgraduate diploma in Child and Adolescent psychology from the University of Melbourne and Bachelor of Education (Psychology) from the Melbourne College of Advanced Education.


...has extensive experience working with infants, children, adolescence and adults over the past 25 years. 

...has worked as an educational psychologist in both primary and secondary schools and as a school psychologist.


...has extensive experience in designing and implementing a wide range of mental health promotion programs. 

...has worked clinically in the past 15 years at Western Hospital, Royal Women's Hospital, Royal Children's Hospital and Austin Health


...has worked as part of a research team with mothers and premature babies for the past 10 years.


... has worked as a Project Officer at APS Kids Matter Initiative and has produced materials for a Parent Initiative - Transition to school. 


Amanda Williamson



Amanda has 10 years of experience working as a psychologist in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals and the community sector. She provides assessment and counselling to children, adolescents and adults to address a range of issues including depression and anxiety, life stress, relationship and marital difficulties, assertiveness, and grief and loss.


People seek counselling for varied reasons. It is important to understand what your needs are and to work collaboratively with you throughout the therapeutic process to achieve positive progress. Helping you to feel empowered to better understand yourself, your relationships and your choices in the context of your personal experience and circumstance is the goal.  


Amanda works with children and/or their parents on a range of social, emotional, developmental,
and behavioural difficulties; and with families who have experienced trauma and family violence. Children are engaged in the counselling process through age-appropriate play-based activities and the establishment of a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. It is important to work collaboratively with parents or carers of child clients in order to discuss how they can best support their child’s counselling at home, and have opportunity to discuss any parenting challenges.Amanda can also provide formal developmental, cognitive and educational assessments where required.


Amanda’s approach is always person-centred and treatment approaches are based on a variety of modalities depending on what your counselling needs are. Some of the modalities used include interpersonal process therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy, narrative therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness and other relaxation strategies to assist you to stay calm, and think clearly when experiencing strong and overwhelming emotions.  


Amanda can be contacted on 0477 771 646.