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How to Support Children Through Transition Times.


 We offer in-person and online workshops for both educators and parents in helping to support children through transition times. 


Available Workshops:

SRF Educator Workshops (Kinders) 
Other Educator Workshops (Non-SRF)
Parent Workshops

Your Presenter - Dr Carmel Ferretti is a clinical psychologist who has completed a PhD in Psychology at the University of Melbourne.


Carmel has extensive experience working as a psychologist with infants, children, adolescence and adults over the past 25 years.


She has worked as an educational psychologist in primary and secondary schools providing professional development to staff, individual and group programmes for children and parent information sessions.


She has also worked clinically in the past 15 years in a variety of hospital settings as a researcher at the Mercy Hospital, Royal Women’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital. More recently she worked on the KidsMatter (Children’s mental health) Transition to school – Parent Initiative, a program to support families and schools in the importance of coping with new transitions.