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How to Support Children Through Transition Times.

Coping with change - Kinder to school, foundation years to early primary.

SRF Workshops for Educators


Please see below for dates for full-day in-person workshops and our new half-day webinar options!


Half-Day Webinars


Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying key transition times/difficulties
  • Identifying different emotions and behaviours when children are faced with change
  • Raise awareness of how children respond to change
  • Understanding the child from a neurobiological perspective - How the brain works
  • Building resilience - Teaching emotional regulation skills
  • Coping with change - Teaching skills to children to understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviour through the CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) model.

2022 Schedule:


In person full day workshops run from 9.30am till 4:30pm.
In 2022, webinars will be available to accommodate our changing world and those unable to make an in-person event due to distance. Webinars run for 3 hours (9.30am - 12:30pm, starting times vary) and are a modified version of the full-day workshop covering the essential topics.


All dates are full day in-person workshops unless specified. Please note that dates may be subject to change due to COVID restrictions or conditions. All attendees are expected to adhere to check in, mask and vaccine requirements required by the workshop space at the time of the workshop. 


Term 3
Wednesday 27th July (Full day), 9:30am - CARLTON (SOLD OUT)
Wednesday 7th September (Full day), 9:30am - CARLTON
Wednesday 14th September (3-hour webinar), 9:30am

Term 4
Wednesday 9th November (Full day), 9:30am - CARLTON
Wednesday 16th November (3-hour webinar), 9:30am


Full-day workshop (7 hours) in metro areas: $385/person (incl. GST)

(includes morning and afternoon tea).


Workshops in rural and regional areas: 

Between $350-$420/person (incl. GST) depending on travel costs.

Minimum of 20 participants. Contact us for details.


Online workshop (half-day/three-hours): $203.50 (incl. GST)

1.5 hour parent workshop: $55 per participant (incl. GST).

Held onsite at kindergarten services with a minimum of 20 participants.

This workshop can also be run as an interactive webinar.

These dates may be subjected to some changes and the possibility of additional dates made available.
Additional workshops will be run in regional areas upon request and sufficient numbers of 20+.



What participants are saying...



"Our educators were so inspired and said that was one of the best PD they had been to."


"It was amazing!!! Worth the travel and look forward to incorporating strategies in my setting."


"Amazing delivery. Thoroughly enjoyed and it was a pleasure to learn alongside Carmel."


"The workshop was presented very well and extremely easy to follow and understand."


"Very useful!!! Reflected on my own practice and am enthusiastic to continue with my own children and kinder families." 


"A fantastic day!!! Very well delivered and applicable to multiple contexts." 


"Left with practical strategies and knowledge of theory underpinning them."


"Really informative.  Enjoyed and gained more knowledge and confidence in teaching young children."




Your Presenter - Dr Carmel Ferretti is a clinical psychologist who has completed a PhD in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Carmel has extensive experience working as a psychologist with infants, children, adolescence and adults over the past 25 years. She has worked as an educational psychologist in primary and secondary schools providing professional development to staff, individual and group programmes for children and parent information sessions. She has also worked clinically in the past 15 years in a variety of hospital settings as a researcher at the Mercy Hospital, Royal Women’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital.  More recently she worked on the KidsMatter (Children’s mental health) Transition to school – Parent Initiative, a program to support families and schools in the importance of coping with new transitions.


Expressions of Interest

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