We offer consultation and treatment in the following areas of psychology.



  • Parenting difficulties
  • Family adjustment issues 
  • Prematurity
  • Parent-child relationships

Parenting classes

  • Parenting your babies/toddlers/school-age children/adolescents
  • Developmental ages and stages
  • Getting your child ready for primary and secondary school
  • Attachment and parenting styles
  • Behaviour Management
  • Children's mental health issues
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • How to manage stress and anxiety


We also offer a range of classes delivered by our psychologists who design structured classes to accommodate the arising needs of the community or to further complement skills learnt from individual sessions. Our classes are designed to not only disseminate psychoeducational information but to provide the opportunity for a dyadic approach to learning with active client participation.


Our group classes are conducted within a supportive environment to ensure the clients are at ease and given the opportunity to gain a better understanding in managing their emotions and adopting alternative behaviours.

 **Parenting classes may also be eligible for Medicare rebates. Click here to learn more about the Medicare rebate